January 15, 2017

where is everyone??

So its been a very long time since i made a blog post but I'm not the only one, it seems that everyone has either stopped playing poker or stopped blogging or both. I for one have never really stopped playing poker i guess I've just been to busy to post and with no blogs to read these days i guess iv just lost the motivation to post as whoknkows if atom even reads it any more.

therefor anyone reading this i would invite you to comment on this post say hi or say anything where your from are you still blogging or following blogs/playing poker?

i guess if anyone is still out there and still reading then we can get this journey back up and running.

till next time ill see you at the tables. voltastyllo

January 9, 2015


So 2015 is here and I am feeling great about the next 12 months of poker because it is apparently the year of good fortune for me and ill explain why.

While traveling around Thailand for 16 days with my little sister we went to a temple where you pray to the Buddhist monks and after are presented with your fortune, now my fortune firstly said some negative stuff but probably true stuff along the lines of treat people how you want to be treated and speak nicer to people which I probably should. the second part went on about how I am going to come into great wealth and fortune in 2015, it is the year that is going to set me up for the rest of my life. I am going to go out on a hunch here say that it means im going to win the wsop main event or some other major ill be playing this year haha I guess we will have to wait and see.

As for the progress of poker so far, I have played around 15 hours live poker and am down around $600 and about 8 hours online and am up around $400 so not a great start but my volume has been pretty low so far and will increase to around 30 hours a week once we reach February.

Till next time see you at the tables.

August 5, 2014


Hey all so I realise its been over a year since I posted anything, life has been pretty crazy I opened my own gym with a mate then had a falling out 6 months later and sold the gym, also broke up from a very serious relation that lasted three years. it was quiet a messy break up with moving out and halving all our stuff.

As for poker it took a back seat and although it was not what I wanted it was probably for the best.

I am planning to make a turn back to fulltime poker and will be devoting around 30 hours toward online play and what ever I can fit in for live tourneys every month.

will be making a run at the glory of SNE in 2015 and will hopefully be finishing out 2014 as a SN.

I look forward to catching up on a lot of missed blog posts from all the blogs I follow and hope everyone is well I will be making regular blog posts from now on and look forward to hearing from everyone that follows my blog.

feel free to comment and let me know if I have missed anything crazy in the world of online poker.

sorry about my punctuation and spelling in this but had to be quick.

till next time.


November 5, 2012

Back on the live scene

Hey everyone.

I realise its been a while since i have posted but i have been super super busy, so as the title says i have been hitting the live poker at "Crown Casino" in Melbourne a lot lately over the last 4 weeks and all i can say is I am crushing the Cash games and tourneys I finished runner up in the 100k gtd two weeks ago for 14k and also ran deep in two other tourneys bowing out just before the final table in one for 14th place for 1k and another small cash for $500, So i am going to continue to pump the live scene a lot more because i have missed it a lot  and there are some big events coming up that I am going to play in,  im planning to play a bunch of Aussie Millions events and also a few of the WSOP events that are coming to Australia this year in my home town of Melbourne so that should be a lot of fun and  I am guessing a lot of pros from around the world will be making the trip down under for the WSOP circuit here. I am also planning to hit vegas for the WSOP in mid june but will keep you all posted on my schedule when i plan it properly

I have also been playing a lot of NL Zoom mainly 50 and 100NL Zoom and am doing quiet well grinding it out for a few hours every day, i plan to start putting monthly graphs up along with a live and online recap and maybe a few pictures as well.

We are right in the middle of spring at the moment and the Spring Racing Carnival is being held in Melbourne Australia and its a very exciting time of year a whole bunch of million dollar horse races are on and tomorrow ill be attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival Day 7 million dollar Race wearing a new suit i bought the other day(will post pictures later on) so should be a fun/expensive day and i hope every one pics a winner till next time see you at the tables.           Voltastyllo

August 15, 2012

where has VOLTASTYLLO been!!???

Hi all so i think its been around 4 or 5 months since i last posted, i have been very busy with work and poker and going to the gym a lot im also a fully qualified gym instructor now and will soon be a personal trainer, in six weeks.

So first poker, well i have been playing quiet a bit lately and I am pretty much exclusively playing 50NL ZOOM with a bit of 100NL zoom mixed in, my opinion on zoom is"thank you stars" lol it is so soft and so juicy all the time i love it and it less of a head fuck, as appose to 24 tabling but still getting almost the same amount of hands i have quiet a healthy amount of FPPs saved up and i should just reach SN by the end of the year. I have just put together my schedule for the Aussie Millions in january and ill be playing 5 events and the main if i can satellite into it. for those of you who dont know the Aussie Millions is the largest tournament series in the southern hemisphere bosting a first prize of 2 million big ones and has a very similar structure to the WSOP. its held in Melbourne Australia from January 9-22.

Next thing on my agenda will be the WSOP im really really excited as this will be my first time leaving Australia and i have always wanted to go to the wsop ill talk more about it when they release the schedule at the end of the year.

So while working my current job i have also been studying two nights a week and all day on a Saturday studying a cert 3 and 4 in fitness to become a personal trainer im almost finished and it has been a very fun course i have made a lot of friends along the way and learnt a lot of new stuff im also in the best shape ive been in since i was 18 which was 6 years ago in the last five months i have lost 12kgs and have put on a nice amount of muscle. im feeling like i have a lot more energy all the time and i am turning back into a gym junkie, currently training 6 days a week. Well that will do for now guys as im very busy but ill start posting more then i have been and let you guys know whats going on in life with poker and my new career in the fitness industry.. till next time, see you at the tables. Voltastyllo

April 19, 2012

Killing It

Hey guys just a quick post, so for the last two weeks i have been pumping a lot of zoom poker and iv logged about 18 sessions and 21,000 hands and of those 18 sessions iv not lost one of them, id like to say I am just plain  good but i have to be running good as well i guess. I feel like I am playing well though and making good decisions all the time i have been reviewing a lot of my hands on HM2 and happy to say I am looking pretty leak proof at the moment roll is building pretty fast and iv mainly been playing 10NL and 25NL but will move up to 50NL zoom in the next week or so and ill keep yall posted.   Voltastyllo out.

March 31, 2012

Two Months

Hey to any or all of you who may be still reading this blog, its been two months since i have done a blog post which is the longest iv gone with out doing one and im sorry.

In other news life is good except I am still working a normal day job which is never really good, my day generally involves me getting up at about 6am every day going to work get home about 5pm maybe do some exercise or gym training then dinner with the misses then bit of TV and bed at about 9-10pm.(gay)lol
so not really living life these days but the future always looks bright in my eyes. I am always dreaming of what could and will be someday. My days will soon become more jam packed as i have decided to go back to finish my studies which will be two or three nights during the week and half day on Saturday ill have about 9 months of studies then ill be finished, I am studying to become a qualified personal trainer( something i am passionate about) and will give me the freedom of either enjoying getting out of bed every morning to go to work or give me the freedom to be self employed, which is always nice! ill talk more about this when i commence my studies.

Speaking of fitness and exercise lately i have been so slack i was doing well for a few weeks there and i manage to lose 4kg but another 5 weeks later and its almost all been put back on. sigh. but over the last week i have been planning food menus and meal eating plans and ideas that will be put into place with a training schedule i have put together and will plan to kick start that in about 10 days so exciting times ahead, i currently weigh 94kg and I am 175cm's tall and i just turned 24 years old, i plan to get down to around 82kg doing circuits and a lot of cardio then when i hit my goal of 82kg ill focus more on strength training the over all plan is to be looking skinny fit and muscly before i become a personal trainer. which shouldn't be hard  its more a question of can i stick to a plan. I was always healthy and fit when younger but once i hit 18 and started drinking and partying i slowly got lazy. any way enough about me..... for now hahahah.

So i bet your all thinking Volt this is a poker blog when the hell are you going to tell us what you have been up to with poker. Well not much to be honest i have been dabbling around with zoom poker through march and to explain my results with two words id have to say "KILLING IT" it is so soft and so fishy and i have been winning at an unbelievable rate. only really been playing 5NL-25NL ZOOM but they are slowly adding more stakes so its getting exciting and i just received an email from the holdem manager team today announcing that they now track hands for zoom and have a working hud for zoom on HEM2 which is awesome but kind of suck because i only have HEM1 but ill be upgrading in the next week so i can hopefully get some sick looking graphs for you guys.

Plans for the future,play more pokers, keep working, start studying try living life more and spending more time with the misses join a sports team( i wanna get back into soccer i played for 12 years). and get fit and stick to a healthy balance of diet and fitness. also quick note i do have a strong desire to compete in a half marathon or like one of those fitness challenges such as urbanathlon  www.urbanathlon.com.au  check it out its a 10km course with obstacles through cities all around the world and there's one in Sydney Australia. Exciting. any way till next time see you at the tables.                  Voltastyllo